U.S. drilling permits keep coming

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March 24, 2011

Keeping to his word, Michael Bromwich and BOEMRE are beginning to issue GoM drilling permits at an accelerated rate.  Today BOEMRE announced that it is approved the fifth drilling permit for exploration in the Gulf of Mexico since the lifting of the moratorium. The permit went to Chevron for its Well No. 1 on Keathley Canyon Block 736 in 6,740 ft of water 216 miles off Louisiana.

Chevron’s permit is the fifth approved this month to resume drilling in the deepwater Gulf, but is the first that allows exploratory drilling into a field that has never produced, according to BOEMRE.  Initial activity on Chevron’s Well #1 began in March 2010, and was suspended on June 9, 2010.

Chevron is the second to be contracted with the Marine Well Containment Co., of which it is a founding member, while the three other deepwater drilling permits use containment technology developed by Helix Well Containment Group.


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