Trouble in Paradise, Ro-Ro Sinks Off Ibiza Spain

John Konrad
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July 11, 2007

The ro-ro Don Pedro prior to sinking

Reports are starting to arrive of the Ro-Ro ship “Don Pedro” sinking off the coast of Ibiza, Spain. In a translated version of the story local newspaper diario de ibiza we learn the following:

Don Pedro Rescue at SeaThe accident took place to the 3,05 hours, ten minutes after “Don Pedro” had weighed anchor of Eivissa in the direction of Valencia, when hitting the Island of Daus, to one nautical mile of the port. The collision opened a water route in the ship, that sank thirty minutes after hitting the small barren island.

According to the marine captain of Eivissa, Jesus informed to Efe Varela, the ship, that was loaded with 150 tons of gasohol, is sunk to between 30 and 45 meters of depth and the damages in the helmet have caused a fuel flight.

In the ship, of 116 meters of length, eighteen crew traveled, a truck driver and his woman. After being rescued, eight had to receive medical aid by contusions and hypotherm after to have sent to the water. Read More…

Spanish Officials are not commenting on the cause of the accident but they do tell us the cause was human error.

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