Boston Ferry Collision

John Konrad
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July 11, 2007

The Above footage was taken by the Coast Guard during a post collision inspection of the Boston Ferry “Massachusetts”. In an interesting post Panbo asks if AIS could have prevented the incident:

Interesting that an intrepid Boston Globe reporter figured out that AIS transponders might have prevented two Boston ferries from hitting each other in thick fog yesterday morning. This is the sort of thing that promotes public awareness of a valuable safety technology, and perhaps will encourage the FCC, USCG, etc. to move expeditiously on approving Class B and mandating its use on such vessels (or argue that Class A is worth the cost). On the other hand, operator error can not be ignored. Heck, these two boats both work for the MBTA. Wouldn’t you think that they’d know where each other was and be in VHF contact? Not that we all aren’t capable of mistakes. READ MORE….

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