Danica hav ais data track

AIS Track Data Reveals Drunken Ship Driving by Russian Captain [UPDATE]

Rob Almeida
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February 20, 2012

danica hav

Musta been a heck of a night for the master of the Danica Hav before he pulled out of the Swedish port of Varberg.

A few hours later he was found passed out at the wheel of his ship by Danish authorities while the ship sailed around erratically in the Great Belt Strait enroute to Lubeck, Germany.

danica hav AIS
The position of the Danica Hav when the captain was taken into custody.


The track previously reported (shown below) shows the track of the Danica Hav immediately AFTER the captain was taken into custody by Danish authorities.  This information was brought to our attention via our Facebook page.

Previously reported:

The following graphic from Marinetraffic.com shows the vessel’s path through the strait…

Danica hav ais data track

According to the AFP:

The captain was flown to the Roskilde police station where a blood test, taken eight hours after the arrest, showed 2.18 grams of alcohol per litre.

A judge in Holbaek ordered the captain be kept in custody for breaking maritime security law until a hearing on March 13.

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