MAIB: Drunk Master Left Bridge Before Grounding

The master of a Netherlands-registered cargo ship was drinking prior to when his vessel ran aground in Northern Ireland last October, the UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch said in its report on the incident. The general cargo vessel M/V Ruyter ran aground on the north shore of Rathlin Island just after 11 p.m on 10 October 2017 when the master, who was the sole … [Read more...]

Drunk Ship Captain Arrested in New Zealand

A New Zealand court has sentenced a British ship captain to pay a $3,000 fine after authorities found him to be more than five-times the legal alcohol limit when his ship arrived at Northport, NZ on Friday. Anthony Michael Baker, the captain of the multi-purpose cargo ship Shansi, was arrested after harbor pilots boarded the vessel upon its arrival in Whangarei Harbour on … [Read more...]

U.S. Navy Slaps Drinking Ban on All 18,600 Sailors in Japan

TOKYO, June 6 (Reuters) - The U.S. Navy slapped a drinking ban on sailors stationed in Japan on Monday and halted off base liberty after police arrested a U.S. sailor on the southern island of Okinawa on suspicion of drunk driving following a car crash that injured two people. "For decades we have enjoyed a strong relationship with the people of Japan. It is imperative that … [Read more...]

Drunk Captain Runs Ship Aground in Germany

The captain of a Dutch-flagged cargo ship has found himself in some hot water after running his ship aground while drunk at the German port of Rostock.  The 90-meter long MV Abis Bergen ran aground Saturday evening as it departed Rostock, blocking access to the port. Harbor police boarded the vessel and found that the Master had been drinking. … [Read more...]

Drunken Captain Gets Vessel Stuck in Germany

A inland freighter found itself pinned in a peculiar way on Germany's Main river after the drunken ship captain allegedly ran the vessel into a bridge and then the river bank.  Local media reports that the 105-meter vessel Elsava became pinned crossways between a bridge and the edge of the river in Lohr am Main, Germany early on Thursday. Photos and … [Read more...]