Drunk Captain Runs Ship Aground in Germany

Mike Schuler
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March 28, 2016

Photo credit: MarineTraffic.com/M.A.B.

The captain of a Dutch-flagged cargo ship has found himself in some hot water after running his ship aground while drunk at the German port of Rostock. 

The 90-meter long MV Abis Bergen ran aground Saturday evening as it departed Rostock, blocking access to the port. Harbor police boarded the vessel and found that the Master had been drinking. A breathalyzer test revealed the captain had a blood alcohol content of .148%, according to local reports.

The ship was eventually refloated with the help of tugs. Reports say the vessel did sustain some damage in the incident. 

The Abis Bergen remained at the port of Rostock as of Monday. 

The incident comes one month after another captain got his ship stuck between a bridge and an embankment on Germany’s Main river. 

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