tocky rolling talking alarm clock

Tocky – For The Watchmate Who’s Always Late

John Konrad
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April 23, 2011

tocky rolling talking alarm clockBalls-to-four has always been my favorite watch, get up a little before midnight and you have four hours of un-interupted bliss to enjoy a peaceful night under the stars. But it also comes with it’s negatives including low visibility, increased cancer risk, and – oh yeah – lost sleep.

But for those watch standers that have trouble getting up at mignight we have a solution for you… Tocky The Runaway Alarm Clock
! The idea is simple – big, smooth and welcoming – our the enemy is the snooze button, an enemy that needs to be hunted and destroyed. Tocky is an alarm clock disguised as a ball that by hurdles itself off the shelve and rolls around the room, making you get out of bed to find it.

Here’s the video which explains more:

If you are interested in how the idea for Tocky was developed Click HERE to watch founder Gauri Nanda’s interview at Mixergy.


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