The USCG Launches New Website

John Konrad
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February 26, 2008

USCG Website Screenshot

The Coast Guard has launched a new website with Video, Podcasts and Photos featured on the homepage. In the official Press Release they write:

I am excited to share the new and improved Coast Guard Homepage with you. Our goal was to create a homepage that would become the single location for Coast Guard information to both internal and external audiences. What we now have is just that — a homepage that provides important and timely Coast Guard information to all. It also more closely aligns with what Admiral Allen stated during a questions and answer session after his speech at the National Press Club on February 8, 2008: if we don’t keep up with new media and technologies we will marginalize our ability to communicate externally, and more importantly we will also lose the interest of our own Coast Guard members.

The new site features, among other things, a new magazine (no issues yet published), YouTube channel and official Podcast. It may not be as entertaining as Messing About In Ships… but we are encouraged by the effort.

You can find all this and more at the Coast Guard’s homepage:

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