The super-strength mooring line solution from Teijin

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June 8, 2021

When it comes to mooring, strength is essential – especially in extreme conditions. Not only is it crucial to commercial success, but also to the safety of crew members and port workers.

With Teijin para-aramid fibers Twaron® and Technora®, you can be completely confident of your mooring lines’ strength. These fibers are proven to provide maximum durability and reliability – particularly at extreme temperatures and UV levels. 

Proven to outperform HMPE

This strength performance is confirmed by independent rope testing authority TTI. TTI tested Twaron®-and Technora®-based mooring lines against HMPE ropes at temperatures typical of real-life conditions. The tests assessed strength, tensile performance, and creep resistance.

The Teijin aramid-based ropes consistently outperformed HMPE ones in strength (download full article here), with particularly significant margins at higher temperatures. In particular, at 50°C and 70% minimum breaking load, the aramid samples survived for 100 hours – while the HMPE ropes failed after only 10 minutes. 

Superior strength under UV exposure

Aramid-based ropes also deliver superior strength under prolonged UV exposure. And, since mooring lines are often used in sunny regions with high UV levels, this is a particularly important advantage.

Testing at Teijin Aramid’s Research & Innovation Center found that braided aramid-based ropes outperform HMPE-based ropes when exposed to extreme levels of UV light (download full article here). Specifically, all the aramid ropes retained full strength even after 1,000 hours of UV exposure – and some retained strength for up to 4,000 hours.

Learn more about Teijin’s aramid-based mooring lines

From these results, it’s clear that aramid is the strongest mooring solution for the maritime industry – particularly in hot, sunny climates.

To request a rope sample, get in touch or find out more on the outstanding strength properties of Twaron® and Technora® in mooring lines, please visit our website

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