Transform Your Smart Phone

No matter how far the work takes you, the Globalstar Sat-Fi2 Remote Antenna Station (RAS) keeps you connected when cellular service is unavailable by transforming your smart device into a satellite device. The multi-functional Sat-Fi2 RAS provides reliable satellite communications from inside the cabin with the ability to talk, text or email via satellite Wi-Fi. With easy … [Read more...]

ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service (AVCS) now available online to support shore-based decision making The UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) has launched an online version of its ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service (AVCS) to support shore-based decision making. The introduction of AVCS Online follows significant demand for a solution for vessel tracking and route planning from shore-based staff. The new service gives … [Read more...]

Why it is time for you to take another look at Satellite AIS Data

Modern data analytics are making AIS data more relevant than ever before. The maritime space is undergoing a digital revolution, innovators worldwide are applying advanced analytics and data fusion to create solutions to specific business challenges for all maritime sub-sectors and satellite AIS data is crucial to these. The collection and delivery of AIS Data from space … [Read more...]

Top 3 Robotic Solutions to Complete Ship & Hull Inspections

Article written and provided by Deep Trekker A vessel’s structural integrity, potential transferring of invasive species, or contraband smuggling demands periodic inspections of a vessel’s hull during transit and when entering port. Threats to our security are often hidden in underwater locations, placed to cause destruction. Formerly, divers were required to put … [Read more...]

Seeking a Career Change? Three good reasons NOT to be a pilot!

Article by Allen Garfinkle, Executive Director - Board of Pilot Commissioners for the Bays of San Francisco, San Pablo, and Suisun What mariner hasn’t spent some of those long night watches at sea daydreaming of possible career change opportunities? Often those daydreams include visions of being a harbor or bar pilot. And why not? After all, pilots are at the top … [Read more...]