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Tanker Hijacked Off Nigeria Released Along With Crew

Mike Schuler
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October 14, 2011

mt cape birdAFP is reporting that the tanker hijacked over the weekend off the coast of Nigeria has been released along with the 20 member crew.  The vessel, the Marshall Islands-flagged M/T Cape Bird, was hijacked approximately 90 nautical miles south of Lagos, Nigeria on Saturday, October 8 according to the International Marine Bureau.

Details on the vessels release, including whether a ransom was paid or if the pirates made off with the ships reported 30,000 tonnes of fuel cargo, are not apparent at this time.

What is apparent is that the crew of 20 are safe and the vessel is making way to a safe port.

The Gulf of Guinea and coast of West Africa has seen an increasing number of reports of pirate attacks since May.  Unlike their Somali counterparts, pirates in this region typically are interested in the ships cargo over ransom money.

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