Towing Giant Bags of Water To Fight Drought

(Bloomberg) Auke Piek, a 44-year-old Dutch engineer, says he has a solution to the Caribbean’s worst drought in half a century -- and it lies hundreds of miles away in the tropical rain forests of Suriname. This week, a boat will tow a giant bag made from PVC-coated fabric with enough water to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool from Suriname to drought-stricken Barbados and … [Read more...]

Largest water reservoir found (but you won’t be sailing there)

An artist's illustration of a quasar similar to APM 08279+5255. Credit NASA/ESA Two teams of scientists at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have discovered the largest reservoir of water ever found.  Unfortunately for us mariners, the find doesn't translate into more jobs - that's because the water is located some 12 billion lights years away. While … [Read more...]

Moon Setting on Calm Water

The above photo was taken using a technique we published in a story titled "Shipboard Digital Camera Tricks". Many more great moon pictures by the photographer, Licya, can be found HERE. by Miranda Max Sailors and captains have been using the moon to navigate the sea for ages. The history between the moon and the sea is deep and rich. We find the relationship even in … [Read more...]

German Water Bridge – Magdeburg Canal Bridge

The Magdeburg Canal Bridge This could be the worlds strangest bridge but here at gCaptain we think it is pretty cool. Germany's water bridge known as the Magdeburge Canal Bridge took six years to build (completed in October of 2003) at a cost of 500 million Euros. The Magdeburg Water Bridge is 918 meters long. It bridges over the Elbe River in Germany and joins the Elbe-Havel … [Read more...]