Video: The Craziest Boat Launch You Will Ever See

Uhhh, was that supposed to happen like that? Seriously, was that planned? Kind of seems like that it was. I don't know under what circumstance anyone would ever think that was a good idea, but it seemed to be successful launch. Edit: To those saying that this is a self-righting test, you are correct it most likely is, but that is the sorriest self-righting test I've … [Read more...]

Kleven Verft Launches Diamond Exploration Vessel, SS Nujoma

Kleven Verft has celebrated the launch of a first-of-its-kind diamond sampling and exploration vessel at its shipyard in Ulsteinvik, Norway. The $139 million MV SS Nujoma is being built for Demarine Namibia, a 50/50 joint venture involved in marine diamond prospecting and mining. The 113 meter-long diesel-electric powered MV SS Nujoma will have a displacement of … [Read more...]

Watch: Subsea Support Vessel’s Sideways Launch from Just About Every Angle

Deepocean's new subsea support vessel MV Deep Helder was launched earlier this year at the De Hoop Lobith shipyard in Foxhol, the Netherlands. According to Deepocean, the MV Deep Helder is a cost effective vessel for survey, Installation Maintenance and Repair (IMR) and Intervention projects in the offshore oil and gas and renewable energy markets. The 65m long, dynamically … [Read more...]

8 Tips for Ship Launching via Rubber Inflatables

Ship launching using rubber inflatables, or commonly known as airbags, is a very popular vessel launching method, particularly in Asia. Besides, many shipyards are using it for ship repairs where the “rubber airbags” (or “belons” in Indonesia) are used to facilitate the haul-ins of ships by winch. The use of such inflatables may seem to be pretty simple and straightforward, yet … [Read more...]