Volgaborg ship launch

Ferus Smit Shipyard Launches the M/V Volgaborg [VIDEO]

Rob Almeida
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March 5, 2013

Image (c) Royal Wagenborg

Ferus Smit shipyard in Westerbroek, The Netherlands launched the M/V Volgaborg today, the third of three multipurpose cargo ships built for Wagenborg Shipping.

At 12,000 deadweight tons and 142.65 meters in overall length, these ships are the biggest ever launched along the ‘Winschoterdiep.’  Hold volume is reportedly 503,500 cubic feet

The Volgaborg and the second ship of the class, M/V Vlieborg are equipped with a single 3000 kW main engine coupled with a ducted propeller. The first ship in this series, M/V Vikingbank was delivered with a 4000 kW engine and an open propeller.


The characteristic and innovative ‘bulbless’ bow shape brings this design a number of ‘green’ advantages. Her longer and sharper waterlines create less resistance, regardless of her loading draft. At the same time this shape creates more deadweight and cargo volume within her absolute dimensions. Above the waterline the more slender form will cut gradually through waves, improving performance in rough conditions, while the negative stemprofile was proved to be also advantageous when breaking through ice sheets.

Watch the launching (skip to 1 minute):


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