Britain Says West Must Defend Undersea Cables from Russian Navy

LONDON, Dec 15 (Reuters) - Britain and its NATO allies must defend deep sea cables against a potentially catastrophic attack by the Russia navy that could disrupt trillions of dollars in financial transactions, the head of Britain's armed forces warned. The cables which crisscross the world's oceans and seas carry 95 percent of communications and over $10 trillion in daily … [Read more...]

Prelude and Ichthys Projects to Gain 2000km Optical Fiber Link to Shore

Ichthys LNG and Prelude FLNG, major capital projects currently under development by INPEX and Shell, respectively, have announced plans to invest in a subsea optical fiber cable system to provide a high-speed data and voice communications conduit for the two facilities linking them to shore from Australia's Browse basin. Winning the contract to build, own and operate the … [Read more...]

Submarine Cable Map – Charting Your Overseas Internet Connection

Have you ever wondered where the cables go that connect your computer to web sites overseas? Well if you live in the USA and are visiting a website in Asia then the connection travels directly under gCaptain HQ in Morro Bay California on it's way across the Southern Cross Cable. But if you live elsewhere then you need only to consult TeleGeography's free interactive submarine … [Read more...]

US officials analyze effect of subsea power cables on marine life

WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)--U.S. regulators say more research is needed to determine how power cables in the ocean will affect sharks, dolphins, sea turtles and other marine wildlife. In a study released Thursday, the Interior Department said subsea power transmission cables generate electromagnetic fields that are detected by several marine organisms. It is unclear, however, … [Read more...]