WATCH: Greek Ferry Docking Like a Boss!

Blue Star Ferry coming in hot! Hopefully this one makes up for all the other ferry docking and ship handling videos we have posted lately. And for all the fair weather comments, these videos below from gCaptain's archive show how Greek ferries do it in real conditions: High-Risk Ferry Docking in Greece Greek Ferry Loading Cars Looks Super Sketchy WATCH: … [Read more...]

Speaking of Amazing Ship Handling Videos, Watch This Ferry Berthing in Nice, France

If you liked our earlier video showing a ferry docking stern to at Port Chios in the Greek Islands, you're sure to like this time-lapse video showing a C0rsica ferry berthing at the port of Nice, located in the south of France. According to the uploader, the video was filmed September 15th. You can see the ship uses its propellers and bow thrusters to back into the … [Read more...]

WATCH: Tanker Maneuvering Into Port in Perfect Aerial Time-Lapse Check out this perfect aerial time-lapse of UK-flagged tanker Galway Fisher entering the Port of Galway, located on the central west coast of Ireland in Galway City. The port is currently proposing a major multi-million Euro redevelopment plan that would widen and deepen the entry channel and create 660 meters of new quay with … [Read more...]

Watch: Greek Island Ferry Loading Cars Looks Super Sketchy

By now you should all know how sketchy Greek ferry landings can be and this video just serves as the latest example of that. The clip shows a passenger-car ferry loading cars at the Greek Island of Alonnisos in particularly bad weather. From an outsiders perspective, you would think that this is just complete and utter chaos, but yet somehow they pull it off. Just ask any … [Read more...]