Top 5 Most Interesting Maritime Training Courses

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July 7, 2010

Nautical Study

One of the most fun and rewarding aspects to a career a sea are the classes mariners get to take. From small arms training to fast rescue boat, we get hands on practice doing things others only dream about. But some classes are certainly more compelling than others so here are the Top 5 most interesting maritime training classes sponsored by GMATS.

5. Crisis Management & Human Behavior

One of the courses being most widely discussed in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon tragedy is crisis management. Another topic being actively reviewed by all is online learning. But there is only one place where you can take Crisis Management from bridge of your (internet equipped) ship. The Calhoun MEBA Engineering School tells us:

CMES Learning Management System (LMS), the first true Distance Learning System to be approved for training mariners. The LMS is a Virtual Learning Environment, which is a suite of functionalities that deliver, track, report on, and manage the learning content, trainee progress, and trainee interactions with the course and instructor. The LMS provides the instructor with the method to deliver course content, monitor student participation, and assess performance. (More Info)

4. Chemical, Biological & Radiological Defense (CBRD)

Ok so no one enjoys walking around in a CBRD suit, especially during a heat wave in New York but toughen up guys, it’s only a one day course and you never know when the local nuclear power plant goes on high alert (oops). GMATS tells us:

TOPICS INCLUDE: Introduction to MOPP Levels Introduction to Radiological Warfare Introduction to Biological Warfare Chemical Agents/Chemical Compounds and Skin/Eye Decon MCU-2/P Protective Mask & Chemical Protective Clothing CBRD Decon Procedures (Personnel) Chemical Detection and Ventilation Ship Monitoring and Ship Design (More Info)

3. Shiphandling Aboard Manned Models

Even if you’re not crazy enough to build a full scale toy battelship, just getting out on the water is incredible fun and, with Dynamic Positioning systems becoming more common, what mariner couldn’t use more practice in ship handling? gCaptain tells us:

To the casual onlooker, it may look like a group of overgrown children sailing in rather extravagant model boats.

But, in fact, they are some of the shipping industry’s most experienced sea captains on one of the world’s most unusual safety training courses.

The lake in Marchwood, near Southampton, Hampshire, boasts a fleet of seven scaled-down model cargo ships on which veteran captains, pilots and senior deck officers can hone their skills.

The ships, which are big enough for two people to sit in, behave exactly like the real thing as they negotiate the 13-acre lake’s artificial channels and tides.

They range from a scaled version of a 300,000 tonne vessel that itself weighs in at six tonnes to a radio-controlled model tug.

So is this simply an excuse for taking some time off work to muck about on the water?(More Info)

2. Advanced Machine Shop

Advanced machine shop…. the shop class you dreamed up in High School is perfect for those interested in making tools and gadgets of all types. Considering that every ship has a full array of machining tools that lay mostly unused this is your opportunity to build the ultimate home brewery or parts for your ultralight plane. GMATs tells us:

Sharpen your skills and improve your machining abilities. Advanced techniques using lathes, milling machines, drill presses and precision grinders will be covered. The advanced use of specialized tooling, clamps, and jigs is covered. Machining techniques requiring special applications such as steady rests, lathe bed extensions and centering techniques will be addressed. Students will learn the various techniques of working with stock to produce repair parts from drawings, plans and sketches. Hardening, tempering and basic metallurgy will also be covered. (More Info)

1. Masters Classes Online

It was not long ago that a mariner’s only option for communicating with the outside world was a $6 per minute IMARSAT call. But today a wide range of ships are being outfitted with advanced communications suites. For those lucky enough to get broadband satellite service you have the option of positioning yourself for a shoreside job, without leaving the ship! GMATS offers one of many programs aimed at the mariner. They tell us:

GMATS has established a cooperative agreement with American Military University (AMU). AMU is accredited by the Department of Education, Distance Learning Council and the School specializes in Distance Education programs.

Under the degree granting authority of AMU, a Master’s of Arts degree in Transportation and Logistics Management is offered.

This degree is particularly relevant for transportation professionals and military reservists. The majority of the degrees can be completed in a distance learning format at home, at sea, or abroad. GMATS courses can be completed in one and two-week increments which are ideal for the busy professional and for military reservists completing two-week annual training programs at GMATS. Read More…

What has been the most interesting training you have taken during your career? Let us know in the comments section below.

This blog post has been sponsored by GMATS. Click HERE for a full listing of courses offered at their state-of-the-art New York campus!

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