gCaptain Forums are Back up and Running!

Tim Konrad
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July 8, 2010

Dear gCaptain Forum Members,

The gCaptain Forums are back up and running.  It appears that a on or around June 29th, an unexpected surge of traffic to gCaptain.com caused a number of errors throughout the site.  As a result, various features and functions of the gCaptain.com Forums were not working as they normally would be, including errors in posting, searches and various threads.

Since becoming aware of these errors, we have been working tirelessly with a number of programmers to ensure that we get the forums back up as quickly and with as little data loss as possible.  We are pleased to announced that this afternoon, we were able to restore the gCaptain.com Forums with little to no data loss, including restoring all comments made to the thread Deepwater Horizon – Transocean Oil Rig Fire.

We would like to thank the number of programmers and database experts who offered help during this time, especially Jay Tillery for his efforts over the past few days.

We apologize for the inconvience and for the amount of time it took us to get the forums back up.  If while searching the Forums you come across any “test” posts or anything of the like, please report using the “Report Post” button located on the bottom of each post.  For questions or other inquiries, please feel free to contact either John or Mike directly at the info below.  Thank you again for your support and patience.


gCaptain Team

[email protected]

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