Megaship MSC Eloane Delivered to Ocean Yield

Norwegian ship owner Ocean Yield has taken delivery of the MSC Eloane, a 19,500 TEU megaship built by Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea. The vessel has commenced a 15-year bareboat charter with a "major European container line," who if we were to guess is MSC. The Eloane is the third vessel to be delivered in a series of six mega containerships that Ocean Yield … [Read more...]

Aboard Majestic Maersk, Megaship Dreams Obscure Cloudy Future for Shipping

By Brenda Goh SHANGHAI, Sept 26 (Reuters) - For Captain Dick S. Danielsen, the childhood dream has been to sail the world's biggest ships. The Danish seaman got his chance three years ago when he was asked to helm the Majestic Maersk, a mammoth, baby blue-painted vessel that at 400 meters (1,312 feet) is longer than a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. The ship can hold up … [Read more...]

Megaships May Be Too Big Not to Fail -View

By Justin Fox (Bloomberg View) -- It was always going to be tough for the world's container shipping lines -- accustomed to decade after decade of growth in the volume of video-game consoles, auto parts, furniture, frozen seafood and all manner of other things transported in boxes across the sea -- to adjust to a slowdown in global trade. What has made it a whole lot … [Read more...]

Future Looks Bleak for Ultra Large Containerships -View

By Adam Minter (Bloomberg View) -- In December, the quarter-mile-long Benjamin Franklin became the largest cargo ship ever to dock at a U.S. port. Five more mega-vessels were supposed to follow, creating a trans-Pacific shipping juggernaut by the end of May. But thanks to a massive miscalculation on the part of the fleet's owner -- there's not enough demand for all that … [Read more...]