Security Zone Violation Disrupts Houston Ship Channel

It seems like the VTS in Houston is working as advertised. You can't just drive wherever you want down there without getting a visit from the local police. This just out from the Coast Guard in District 8: Story by PA3 Mandy Emery, USCG HOUSTON — The Coast Guard issued a violation to a recreational boat captain who  failed to heave … [Read more...]

Iranian Security Team in High Seas Shootout with Somali Pirates [VIDEO]

An Iranian security team proves once again that the best defense against pirate attack, is a well-armed security team in this undated video. 9 Somali pirates are captured by what appears to be Iranian shipboard security forces. 6 pirates are allegedly killed in the attack. Please note: We are unable to confirm the source of the video, the ship involved, or timeframe of … [Read more...]

Details Emerge of Viral Video Showing Shipboard Security Team Firing at Approaching Pirates The private security firm who had a video go viral of one of their shipboard teams defending themselves against an approaching pirate skiff has been identified, according to Bloomberg News. The video, which emerged in early April on the community-driven video website, depicts an english-speaking private … [Read more...]

Nexus Consulting Notes Troubling Issues Within Viral Anti-Pirate Assault Video

In early April, a video surfaced which depicted a ship's security team on an all-out assault against an apparent pirate attack.  For most the video was a welcomed sight, but those with ties to the industry say the video has unfortunately painted private security in a poor light. In a recent press release, Kevin Doherty, President of Nexus Consulting, a US veteran-owned and … [Read more...]

Trigger-happy Vessel Security Detail Kills 2 Indian Fishermen

According to a statement by the Indian Coast Guard, two fishermen are now dead due to a tragic case of mistaken identity off the coast of India. While sailing past the coast of Ambalapuzha, India at 4:30PM on Wednesday, the security detail on board the Italian oil tanker Enrica Lexie incorrectly identified a local fishing boat as a pirate vessel and opened … [Read more...]