Maersk Alabama Piracy Incident – Update

Mike Schuler
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April 10, 2009

Richard Phillips

Capt. Richard Phillips, who has been held hostage by Somali Pirates since Wednesdays hijack attempt, jumped overboard in an apparent attempt to swim to the USS Bainbridge Thursday night.  Unfortunately, the pirates were able to quickly follow suit and recapture Phillips.  He was reported to be not harmed in the incident.

The naval warship, USS Bainbridge, has been shadowing the lifeboat, which is now a few hundred  and in communication with the pirates to possibly negotiate the return of the captain.  Two more warships, the USS Halyburton and USS Boxer, are currently en route to the area to assist with the situation.

According to the Associated Press, the pirates sought to reinforce their colleagues by sailing hijacked ships with other captives aboard to the scene of the standoff.  Apparently the pirates fear being shot if they release Phillips and they hope to link up with their colleagues who are using Russian, German, Filipino and other hostages captured in recent days as human shields.

Meanwhile, the Maersk Alabama is making its way towards Mombasa, Kenya, with its 19-man crew and security detail 0n board.

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