Incident Photos: Panama-Flagged Cargo Ship Wrecks in Greece

A Panama-flagged cargo ship wrecked on the Greek island of Traganisi near Mykonos on Friday during a voyage from Russia to Cyprus. The Hellenic Coast Guard says all 12 foreign nationals on board the MV Little Seyma were able to abandon ship in a life raft and scramble their way to shore. The vessel is carrying 2,700 tons sunflower seed. Photos show the ship partially … [Read more...]

Large Oil Spill Washes Ashore in Greece After Tanker Sinks

Greek authorities are working to cleanup a large oil spill that has impacted the shoreline of a Greek island near Piraeus this after a tanker sank in area early Sunday morning. The 91-meter Greek-flagged tanker Agia Zoni II was carrying 2,200 metric tons of fuel oil and 370 metric tons of marine gas oil when it sank on September 10 near Salamina Island, the largest Greek … [Read more...]

GoPro: Hellenic Coast Guard Rescues Crew from Sinking Superyacht Check out this GoPro video shot by the Hellenic Coast Guard during a 2012 rescue of 8 crew members from the sinking superyacht Yogi. We actually covered this incident way back when. The yacht ended up sinking off the coast off the Greek island of Skyros in the Aegean Sea. The 60-meter yacht, previously available for … [Read more...]

Crews Attempting to Pump Oil from Stricken Cargo Ship in Andros, Greece

Response crews in Greece are working to clean-up and pump oil from the stricken cargo ship MV Cabrera which ran aground December 24 on the Greek island of Andros during heavy weather. An update from the Hellenic Coast Guard on Wednesday afternoon said crews have been able to pump 4,600 liters of oil from one of the ship's fuel tanks. Meanwhile absorbent boom has been … [Read more...]

Greek Ferry Runs Aground in Kasos

A Greek ferry carrying 282 passengers and crew ran aground last night at the Aegean island of Kasos, the Hellenic Coast Guard has confirmed. According to the Coast Guard, the ro-pax ferry Vitsentzos Kornaros had onboard 227 passengers and 55 crewmembers when it ran aground as it tried to moor in heavy winds. The captain reported that the vessel was not taking water and … [Read more...]