Greek Ferry Runs Aground in Kasos

File photo of ferry Vitsentzos Kornaros (c) MarineTraffic/Koinothta Antikyophon

A Greek ferry carrying 282 passengers and crew ran aground last night at the Aegean island of Kasos, the Hellenic Coast Guard has confirmed.

According to the Coast Guard, the ro-pax ferry Vitsentzos Kornaros had onboard 227 passengers and 55 crewmembers when it ran aground as it tried to moor in heavy winds.

The captain reported that the vessel was not taking water and nobody was injured in the incident.

A tugboat was from Mykonos was expected on scene Thursday afternoon.

Greek island ferries are famously known for their impressive med-moor maneuvers Рstern to dock Рno matter how bad the conditions.