Thursday, March 4, 2021
Sans-titre Cargo Sailboat

French Coffee And Wine Cargo Yacht Completes Atlantic Voyage

by Manuel Ausloos (Reuters) – In a return to the age of the clipper, a French company is using a sailing boat to ply the trade routes that pre-dated

March 4, 2021
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Monday, February 8, 2021
Vendee Globe Winner Bestaven
Maritime News

French Sailor Bestaven Wins Vendee Globe Circumnavigation Race

by Shrivathsa Sridhar (Reuters) – Frenchman Yannick Bestaven was declared the winner of the Vendee Globe round-the-world sailing race early last week

February 8, 2021
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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Deadline Looms For ‘Airbus Of The Sea’ Shipyard Deal

MILAN, Dec 29 (Reuters) – Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri’s planned acquisition of state-controlled French rival Chantiers de

December 30, 2020
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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

France’s Next-Generation Aircraft Carrier Will be Nuclear-Powered -Macron

PARIS, Dec 8 (Reuters) – France’s next-generation aircraft carrier will be nuclear-powered and replace the national fleet’s flagship warship,

December 8, 2020
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Tuesday, November 3, 2020
lng ship
Maritime News

French Power Company Engie Pulls Out of Major U.S. LNG Deal

PARIS, Nov 3 (Reuters) – French gas and power utility Engie has pulled out of a major U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) import deal after government

November 3, 2020
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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

France’s Flagship Aircraft Carrier Heading Home Due to Possible COVID-19 Cases

By Tangi Salaün PARIS, April 8 (Reuters) – France’s flagship aircraft carrier the Charles de Gaulle is returning to its home port early after

April 8, 2020
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Friday, November 29, 2019
French Tug-boat Captain

France May Scuttle Longstanding Mariner Pension Plan

by Caroline Pailliez (Reuters) – Tugboat captain Jean-Yves Lagarde should be only 10 years from retiring thanks to special benefits for mariners that

November 29, 2019
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Sunday, November 24, 2019
French Base Navale, UAE

Abu Dhabi To Host HQ For European Safety Of Navigation Mission

by Sylvia Westall (Reuters) – A French naval base in Abu Dhabi will serve as the headquarters for a European-led mission to protect Gulf waters that will

November 24, 2019
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Thursday, October 17, 2019
cannes bans cruise ships
Maritime News

Cruise Ships Operators Agree to Pollute Less in French Waters

MARSEILLE, France, Oct 17 (Reuters) – The main cruise ship operators in French waters have agreed on measures to limit pollution caused by their vessels,

October 17, 2019
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Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Maritime News

France Urges Tax on Ship and Airplane Fuel

By Leigh Thomas PARIS, Oct 15 (Reuters) – France wants the European Union to work on creating a tax on airplane and ship fuels as part of a push

October 16, 2019
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Tuesday, September 24, 2019
cannes bans cruise ships
Maritime News

France’s Cannes to Ban Polluting Cruise Ships

By Michel Bernouin CANNES, Sept 23 (Reuters) – Mediterranean resort town Cannes, France’s fourth-biggest cruise ship port, will ban the most

September 24, 2019
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Tuesday, August 27, 2019
container shipping
Maritime News

France’s Macron Says Slow-Steaming Needed to Tackle Climate Change

By Alexander Whiteman (The Loadstar) – President Emmanuel Macron chose this week’s G7 summit to reaffirm France’s commitment to slow-steaming as the

August 27, 2019
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Sunday, August 25, 2019
arctic sea ice
Maritime News

Macron Calls on Shipping Lines to Shun Arctic Route

By James Regan and Irina Reznik (Bloomberg) — French President Emmanuel Macron is calling on container lines to avoid using a new Arctic shipping route

August 25, 2019
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Friday, February 15, 2019
offshore wind turbines rendering
Maritime News

Big Firms Weigh in as France Looks to Revive Offshore Wind

By Geert De Clercq PARIS, Feb 15 (Reuters) – A French wind power tender has attracted interest from a slew of international energy heavyweights,

February 15, 2019
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Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier
Maritime News

Macron at Sea Shows U.S.-France Ties Run Deeper Than Trump Spat

By Helene Fouquet and Gregory Viscusi (Bloomberg) — France’s Emmanuel Macron is heading to sea on his biggest warship a day after he suffered

November 14, 2018
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Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Maritime News

France Confirms Fincantieri-STX Shipyard Deal

By Crispian Balmer ROME, Aug 1 (Reuters) – France hopes Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri’s takeover of STX France will be wrapped up soon,

August 1, 2018
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Thursday, June 14, 2018
Migrants are seen after being rescued by MV Aquarius in the central Mediterranean Sea

Migrant Rescue Ship Blocked From Italian Port: Pope Francis Steps In To Patch Relations With France

by Steve Scherer (Reuters) – Italy and France tried to patch up a row over immigration on Thursday as Pope Francis urged politicians everywhere to work

June 14, 2018
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Tuesday, February 6, 2018
offshore wind turbines rendering

France Set to Become a European Offshore Wind Powerhouse by 2022

By Jeremy Hodges and Jessica Shankleman (Bloomberg) — Europe’s wind-power industry expects new French offshore turbine installations to

February 6, 2018
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Wednesday, January 31, 2018
Maritime News

Search Called Off for Missing Quicksilver CEO Lost at Sea

BORDEAUX, France, Jan 31 (Reuters) – France’s coastguard on Wednesday called off searches for the head of the U.S. firm that owns the Quiksilver

January 31, 2018
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Thursday, January 25, 2018
fisherman protest in French fishermen block the port of Calais halting shipping movements at France's busiest passenger port and a major entry point to Europe for British goods, in protest at losses inflicted by the practice of electric pulse fishing in Calais, France
Maritime News

Protesting Fisherman Paralyze France’s Port of Calais

LILLE, France, Jan 25 (Reuters) – French fishermen blockaded Calais throughout Thursday, halting shipping movements at France’s busiest passenger

January 25, 2018
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