Cargill Cuts CO2 Emissions from Shipping Fleet

LONDON, June 12 (Reuters) - Cargill reduced CO2 emissions from its chartered shipping fleet by 350,000 tonnes last year as part of efforts to scale back its carbon footprint at sea, the food and agriculture group said. The international shipping industry accounts for about 2% of global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), the main greenhouse gas blamed for global … [Read more...]

Cargill ‘Challenge’ to Help Decarbonize the Shipping Industry

Swiss commodities giant Cargill has challenging businesses and entrepreneurs to come up with technologies that could help reduce carbon footprint of the global maritime shipping industry. Cargill announced the so-called "CO2 Challenge" this week. The company says the challenge, launched in partnership with DNV GL and a start-up called Rainmaking, aims to find and scale new … [Read more...]

Cargill Aims to Cut Shipping Emissions 15 Percent by 2020

By P.J. Huffstutter CHICAGO, June 18 (Reuters) - Cargill Inc aims to cut carbon emissions from its international shipping unit by as much as 15 percent by 2020, to meet U.N. regulations to reduce pollution and demands from some of its food manufacturer customers for more environmentally-friendly operations. The global commodities trader, which was scheduled to announce the … [Read more...]

Cargill to Shut London Shipping Office Amid Market Crisis

By Shruti Date Singh Bloomberg) -- Cargill Inc. plans to close its London shipping office and consolidate some of its operations in Geneva as the freight market slumps to the lowest in three decades. Shipping “is in its most distressed position since the mid-1980s, a situation that looks likely to continue for the foreseeable future,” Minneapolis-based Cargill said … [Read more...]

Cargill’s Black Sea Stop Is Booming 2,600-Year-Old Port

By Rudy Ruitenberg Oct. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Constanta, whose natural harbor on the Black Sea has welcomed ships since at least the sixth century B.C., is emerging as Europe’s biggest grain transport hub in the $4.2 billion global wheat trade. Buoyed by booming wheat and corn exports from Romania and its neighbors to the Middle East, grain volume passing through the port was … [Read more...]