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Sovcomflot Tanker Comes to the Rescue After Trimaran Breaks Apart Off Brazil

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October 1, 2014

By Rob Almeida and Shubin Aleksey Andreyevich

On 29 September, the Liberian-flagged Sovcomflot-owned tanker Krasnodar rescued six yachtsmen from a liferaft adrift 30 miles off the coast of Brazil.

The Brazilian sailors had been participating in the Regata Internacional Recife aboard the 10 meter trimaran Nativo when the unexpected occurred late Saturday night.

While sailing in rough seas at a speed of around 20 knots, when one of the structural cross-members broke, quickly capsizing the vessel at around 2300 on Saturday.

The five crew plus the skipper, Jorge Neves saw the sun rise on Sunday morning while sitting on the overturned hull, but eventually abandoned the floating hull to a liferaft, according to reports from the regatta organizers. The next morning, the Krasnodar found the raft and brought the sailors aboard. According to the tanker Captain Vladimir Derov, the victims were in a state of shock and were given food and dry clothes while the ship proceeded to the port of Natal to offload Nativo’s crew.

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