New Senseo Coffee Pod With Auto-Froth Goodness

John Konrad
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April 17, 2011

senseo-HD7850Does anyone remember gCaptain’s first product review? Of course not, the only readers of gCaptain in the early weeks where a half dozen guys on my ship reading mostly to give me a hard time. But, the review was of a revolutionary device, the Senseo Coffee Roaster.

The Senseo Coffee Roaster, which took the DIY idea to bean roasting, never really caught on but the company’s single serve coffee makers ignited a revolution in bridge technology for, once a Senseo machine was installed, never again could the old man complain about the AB’s not making enough fresh coffee.

Fast forward four years and over 200,000 individual readers now visit gCaptain each month but, sadly, Senseo has shared little of our success having been replaced by Keurig Cups and, my personal favorite, Nespresso Espresso makers .

But as much as I love the Nespresso for its ability to ooze caffeinated mud it requires a separate $99 Aeroccino Frother to deliver a Cappuccino or Latte. It also has to be separately cleaned.

But Senseo returns with a solution that promises to make the same frothy coffee as the original Senseo machines, but with an added milk container that’ll whip you up a latte or cappuccino. It’ll be called the Select Latte Senseo HD7850.

It’s been announced in Germany with a suggested retail price of $190 Euro, which seems a bit steep considering regular Senseo’s sell for well under $100. So maybe the US pricing will be a bit lower. It’ll be available in September — in Germany, at least an I’d assume we’d see it here in time for the holidays. And if Senseo offers a color other than pink, I’m sure you’ll find this coffee maker as standard equipment on many ships worldwide.


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