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RoPax Ferry “Cap Finistère” Receives The First Voluntary SEEMP Notation

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February 1, 2013

Brittany Ferries 32,728 GRT ferry MV Cap Finistère outward bound from Portsmouth to Bilbao on 26 November 2010. Image courtesy Brian Burnell

Bureau Veritas has issued the first voluntary SEEMP notation to the 1,500 passenger ro-pax ferry ‘Cap Finistere’, operated by the European ferry operator Brittany Ferries.

Launched in July 2012, BV’s SEEMP notation scheme was designed “To help transport operators choose the right ship, and to help owners operate effectively, ” said Martial Claudepierre, Marine Environmental Leader at Bureau Veritas.  “There has to be a clear standard. That is why we at Bureau Veritas have developed a voluntary SEEMP Additional Notation.”

“It builds on the IMO Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan. The SEEMP Additional Notation provides ship users, charterers and regulators with a tool to optimise and also make visible the environmental performance improvement of ships in terms of emissions of GHG and NOx and SOx, and will help owners to assess the potential impact of environmental investments.”

“In this way, it will be possible to make a clearer estimate of the payback period for green investments such as trim and hull optimisation, new propeller systems, optimised maintenance periods for hull and propeller cleanings, and general fuel consumption reduction measures.”

The BV notation applies to both new and existing ships. It covers a variety of ship types and is intended to act as a tool for creating meaningful energy management measures. BV says that the notation is backed by sophisticated software tools, using the society’s SEECAT energy transfer simulation model of onboard energy usage to provide realistic targets for reduction.

“Proactive ship owners like Brittany Ferries are voluntarily investing in eco-friendly technologies and operational practices,” states Mr Claudepierre.

“Recognising those efforts and investments in the market place is vital to encouraging more widespread adoption of energy saving and CO2 emission reduction practices.”

The Fathom Step-by-Step guide to SEEMP also provides owners and operators with a guide for how to reap the benefits of an effective SEEMP plan.

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