10 Reasons Why Ship Operators Should be Nervous About the 2015 ECA Regulations

As of the 1st January 2015 the sulphur limit in Emission Control Areas (ECAs) will take a highly significant drop from 1% to 0.1%. It may only look like a small number but this shift will have a high impact. The following are Fathom cTech's top 10 reasons why ship operators should be nervous about the sulphur challenge that the maritime industry is facing and what can be … [Read more...]

Oceanfoil Predicts 20% Fuel Savings With Wingsail Concept

Oceanfoil, a UK-based aerofoil design company has announced that it has formed partnerships with naval architects Owen Clarke Design and University College London’s Energy Institute (UCL-Energy) to progress developments of their wingsails for auxiliary ship propulsion. The joint project, according to Oceanfoil, will improve the existing design and has the potential to … [Read more...]

DFDS Installs More Emissions Scrubbers To Comply With New 2015 Regs

Danish Ferry operator DFDS, have announced they have invested a total of DKK 400 million (USD $71 million) in new scrubber technology. The company reported reaching this figure by recently investing DKK 300 million (USD $53 million). This investment will allow them to install eight more ships with scrubbers during 2014 in preparation for the introduction of new environmental … [Read more...]

Real-Time NOx Monitoring Helps to Keep Shipowners in Compliance

GreenLink Systems LLC has developed an on-board nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions monitoring unit (NEMU) designed to comply with the International Maritime Organization (IMO)'s NOx Technical Code. The compact NEMU, installed directly on the engine and exhaust, aims to bring the laboratory to the ship. It is sensitive enough to measure to within 0.5 parts per million of NOx. … [Read more...]

Ballast Water Convention | UK P&I Club Highlights Key Issues

In the wake of the forthcoming legislation on ballast water, the UK P&I club has published an updated report highlighting a number of key issues that need to be addressed before the Ballast Water Convention countdown starts. The UK P&I club is one of the largest mutual marine protection and indemnity organisations with over 200 million tonnes of owned and chartered … [Read more...]