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Propulsion-Enhancing Fins Installed on Hamburg Süd Containerships

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March 8, 2013

Becker Twisted Fin ®

Becker Twisted Fins, designed by Becker Marine Systems, were retrofitted onto seven “Santa” class container vessels of the fleet of liner shipping company Hamburg Sud. Each container vessel has a capacity for 7,100 TEU, with a design speed of around 22 knots and an installed engine power of 41MW.

The Becker Twisted Fin was launched in September 2012 by Becker Marine Systems, and is designed as an energy-saving device for container vessels and other types of fast vessels with a bulbous stern. A duct with an integrated fin system is fitted in front of the propeller which produces a counter-swirl to the propeller in the upstream water flow. The small size of the duct is claimed to generate thrust, provide stability to the fins and reduce vibrations.

Becker Twisted Fin ®
Becker Twisted Fin ®

Propellers generate swirl in their wake which reduces their efficiency. The pre-swirl generated by Becker Twisted Fin counteracts this effect.

After testing in the Hamburg Ship Model Basin HSVA, use of the Becker Twisted Fin showed a reduction in fuel consumption for this type of vessel of around 4%.

The Hamburg Sud vessels were routed in such a way that they could each be dry-docked for a maximum of 6 days every consecutive week.

The last vessel, the MV Santa Rosa, was re-delivered in the last week of February.

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