Naval Architects of Lore May Have Been Right After All

  Docked near the Houston ship channel in a bug infested estuary is the battleship USS Texas (BB-35), the world's last remaining "dreadnought" afloat. After over 100 years after her launch in 1912, naval architects are now uncovering data revealing her design features could be far more efficient than anyone ever realized. Computational … [Read more...]

GAC’s Hull-Cleaning ROV Could Save Ship Operators Buckets of Cash

With ship operators intensely focused on maximizing efficiency, keeping the hull clean is a major consideration as marine growth will most definitely lead to significant frictional drag and subsequently higher fuel bills. As documented by Dr. Michael Schultz, Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering at the United States Naval Academy, a heavily fouled hull can … [Read more...]

This Tiny Attachment Could Save Shipowners Millions

After a year of testing, Hyundai Heavy Industries, the world's largest shipbuilder, says its new fuel saving propeller attachment is now ready to hit the market. The attachment, which HHI calls Hi-FIN (Hyundai End-plated Cap Fin), is an energy-saving device attached at the hub of the propeller that generates countering swirls to offset the swirls generated by the propeller, … [Read more...]

Pioneer Marine Invests in Operational Efficiency Technology for Newbuild Fleet

Singapore-based ship owner Pioneer Marine entered the dry bulk sector in 2013 on the only upswing the industry has seen in the past three years, and since then it has crashed to the lowest levels in three decades. For CEO Pankaj Khanna, finding ways of reducing the daily operating expenses of his twelve Handysize geared bulk carriers that are currently under construction at … [Read more...]

High Fuel Costs and New Emissions Regs are Pushing the Boundaries of Naval Architecture

By Brenda Goh CHONGQING, China, Nov 7 (Reuters) - Paint inspired by the skin of a tuna fish and automated drone ships that don't need crews: such ideas could revolutionise the next generation of ocean vessels as the shipping sector looks to cut costs and tackle pollution. Faced with new environmental rules and the need to cap operating costs as profits slide, shippers are … [Read more...]