Saudi Port Authority Receives Three New Tugs

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August 23, 2012

The Saudi Port Authority has recently taken delivery of three Robert Allan designed RAmparts 3200-W tugs.

The tugs, named Rasalkir 1, Rasalkir 2 and Rasalkir 3, are powerful ship-handling/terminal support tugs designed to act as harbour, escort, pollution control and fire-fighting tugs, and will assist in mooring, unmooring and all maintenance requirements in the ports of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in both the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf waters.

Photo: Robert Allen Ltd.

The tugs were constructed at Zamil Offshore Services in Saudi Arabia with close collaboration with Robert Allen naval architects to establish the final specification and vessel layout. The tugs hulls double chine form, with a sweeping chined stern, is reflective of the well-proven Robert Allen design. In addition the large escort skeg is fitted forward to enhance the indirect towing capability and to provide enhanced roll stability.

Image: Robert Allen Ltd.

The Particulars

The principal particulars of the Rasalkir 1 and its sisters, the Rasalkir 2, and Rasalkir 3 are as follows:

Length BP
Beam, Moulded
Depth, Moulded
Maximum Draft
– 31.00 metres
– 12.00 metres
– 5.36 metres
– 5.20 metres
– 4720 kW total

The vessels have been built and classed to American Bureau of Shipping notations:

 A1, , Towing Vessel, Fire-fighting Vessel Class 1,  AMS, ABCU, Unrestricted Navigation

The propulsion machinery consists of a pair of Yanmar 8EY26 medium speed diesels, each producing 2,360 kW at 750 rpm. This power is transmitted via two Kawasaki KST-220ZC/B Rexpellers. On trials, Ras Alkir 1Ras Alkir 2 and Ras Alkir 3 met or exceeded all performance expectations with the following results:

Bollard Pull Ahead
Bollard Pull Astern
Free running speed, at full RPM
– 72 tonnes
– 67 tonnes
– 13.5 knots

To enable extended endurance at sea, the vessel has the following tank capacities:

Potable Water
Detergent / Dispersant
Recovered Oil
Oily Water
Dirty Oil
– 192.6 m³
– 26.4 m³
– 34.8 m³
– 10.6 m³
– 8.1 m³
– 10.1 m³
– 5.8 m³
– 8.1 m³
– 10.2 m³

The Ras Alkir 1Ras Alkir 2 and Ras Alkir 3, illustrated in the accompanying General Arrangement has the following design features:

Bridge Deck:

  • Wheelhouse: arranged to provide maximum all-round visibility, with overhead viewing windows, a split console forward, from where most of the driving is conducted, and a centre console facing aft, with fire-fighting controls and a similar driving position
  • A chart table is located to Port, and a communication station is located on the lower level of the wheelhouse, similarly to Port

Main Deck:

  • Deck locker: outfitted with shelving to store hoses, fittings, rescue equipment, SCBA air-packs, etc. commensurate with Class notation of FiFi 1
  • Mess / Lounge / Galley: comfortable seating area with television and an area for the crew to enjoy a meal between shifts
  • Flush-mounted, machinery access/removal flush hatch
  • Accommodation: cabins for Master and Chief Engineer, with private facilities

Below Main Deck:

  • Accommodation: lavatory facilities suitable for the crew of 6, a laundry, HVAC Room and access to the Engine Control Room and then to the Engine Room
  • Owners Stateroom: a comfortable single berth cabin, with ensuite, specifically set aside for an Owners representative
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