Wärtsilä launches new eco-friendly tug designs

The technology group Wärtsilä is introducing a new portfolio of tug designs, to be known as the Wärtsilä HYTug series, with the emphasis on environmental sustainability. Since they typically operate in or close to harbours and populated areas, tugs are particularly affected by environmental considerations, and the need for regulatory compliance is an increasing concern for tug … [Read more...]

Towing Giant Bags of Water To Fight Drought

(Bloomberg) Auke Piek, a 44-year-old Dutch engineer, says he has a solution to the Caribbean’s worst drought in half a century -- and it lies hundreds of miles away in the tropical rain forests of Suriname. This week, a boat will tow a giant bag made from PVC-coated fabric with enough water to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool from Suriname to drought-stricken Barbados and … [Read more...]

SPOTD: A Small Elegant Goliath Pulling Beast

Today's Ship Photo Of The Day (SPOTD) features Nakilat SvitzerWijsmuller's ASD 3212 Mooring Tugboat. The Damen ASD Tug 2810 is proven in the industry. More than 170 of these compact, powerful tugs are working in ports worldwide. They are known by their captains for their quick acceleration and manoeuvrability and, according to Damen, can work in any climate, no matter how … [Read more...]

Six Rescued After Fire Damages American Tug Off Florida

An American tugboat has been badly damaged after suffering a fire Friday while towing a barge approximately 8 miles east of Matanzas off Florida's Atlantic Coast. All six crew members aboard donned life jackets and abandoned ship into a life raft. All six were later recovered by a good samaritan vessel and taken to Coast Guard Station Ponce De Leon. The Coast … [Read more...]

Tugboat Captain, First Officer Found Guilty of Drug Trafficking in UK’s Biggest Ever Cocaine Bust

The captain and first officer of an ocean going tug have been found guilty of drug trafficking in what authorities have described as the biggest seizure of class A drugs ever in the history of the United Kingdom. The cocaine was found hidden on board the Tanzanian-flagged MV Hamal in April 2015. The vessel was intercepted by Royal Navy and Border Control assets in the … [Read more...]