The ‘BW Gemini' pictured during its gas-powered sea trials. Photo: BW LPG

Retrofitted BW Gemini Involved in Minor Collision in Panama

Mike Schuler
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December 21, 2020

BW LPG’s newly retrofitted Very Large Gas Carrier BW Gemini has been involved in a minor collision while in Cristóbal, Panama, BW LPG has informed.

The company reports that the BW Gemini was at anchor when it was “lightly struck” by another vessel at about 0730hrs local time on December 19.

“All crew is safe and accounted for, and no injury has been reported. No pollution has been sighted, and instrumentation onboard indicate that there is no leakage from BW Gemini. Sounding has been conducted to ensure the integrity of the vessel. All required notifications have been made,” the company said. ‘

Re-delivered in November, the BW Gemini is the world’s first Very Large Gas Carrier (VLGC) to be retrofitted with LPG dual-fuel propulsion. The vessel just this month completed its first trans-pacific voyage operating on 100% LPG fuel. The vessel was bound for Enterprise Terminal in Houston, Texas where it loaded a record 49,000 metric tons of LPG on December 14.

“BW Gemini has been inspected by relevant authorities and surveyors. As she awaits her slot to cross the Panama Canal, she will proceed for repairs. No impact to her voyage is expected,” the company said.

By using LPG fuel, the vessel is expected to produce 20% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional fuels and, overall, use 10% less fuel.

One the back of historic first voyage, BW LPG committed to an additional three VLGCs for retrofitting, bringing its total commitment to 15 vessels and a combined cost of approximately USD 130 million.

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