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Here’s What it Looks Like to Refuel an LNG Powered Tug [VIDEO]

Rob Almeida
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March 27, 2014

In February, Norwegian marine service provider Buksér og Berging refueled their new LNG-powered tugboat, M/T Borgøy at the Belgian port of Zeebrugge.

Ever since LNG-power has come on scene over the past few years, one of the topics of conversation has been the refueling (bunkering) process. The following video gives an idea of what this looks like via a refueling truck and the Borgøy.

Refueling vessels powered by LNG can and does occur in many other ways however, including refueling barges, bunkering vessels, direct from the terminal and by loading containerized LNG fuel cargoes on to the deck of a vessel in a sort of plug and play fashion. Regulators are currently working to come up with a global International Gas Code to govern the specific operations of LNG bunkering and in the mean time, international classification societies are working with ship owners and operators to help ensure safe and efficient operations continue while the rules are developed.

Want to know more about the M/T Borgøy?

We visited the shipyard where she was built last fall, here are our photos and an overview of this vessel.

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