SPOTD: Buksèr og Berging’s LNG-Powered Tugs Support Kårstø

I've been cruising around Norway for the past 6 days and met up with the folks from Rolls-Royce and Norwegian tug operator Buksèr og Berging who gave me a first-hand look at their two new LNG-powered tugs which are servicing Statoil's Kårstø processing plant just north of Stavanger. This facility collects and processes hydrocarbons from 30 fields offshore Norway and receives … [Read more...]

Here’s What it Looks Like to Refuel an LNG Powered Tug [VIDEO]

In February, Norwegian marine service provider Buksér og Berging refueled their new LNG-powered tugboat, M/T Borgøy at the Belgian port of Zeebrugge. Ever since LNG-power has come on scene over the past few years, one of the topics of conversation has been the refueling (bunkering) process. The following video gives an idea of what this looks like via a refueling truck and … [Read more...]

Sanmar Shipyard Completes M/T Borgøy, World’s First LNG-Powered Tugboat [HD PHOTOS]

I was on the outskirts of Istanbul this past weekend at the epicenter of Turkey's bustling shipbuilding industry where the naming ceremony of the world's first LNG-powered tugboat took place. Built by Sanmar Shipyard for Norwegian tug owner Buksèr og Berging, the DNV-classed M/T Borgøy and her sister vessel M/T Bokn are the product of two years of collaborative engineering … [Read more...]