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Buksér og Berging

Monday, June 23, 2014
mv borgoy tug bukser og berging

SPOTD: Buksèr og Berging’s LNG-Powered Tugs Support Kårstø

I’ve been cruising around Norway for the past 6 days and met up with the folks from Rolls-Royce and Norwegian tug operator Buksèr og Berging who gave

June 23, 2014
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Thursday, March 27, 2014
refueling borgoy zeebrugge

Here’s What it Looks Like to Refuel an LNG Powered Tug [VIDEO]

In February, Norwegian marine service provider Buksér og Berging refueled their new LNG-powered tugboat, M/T Borgøy at the Belgian port of Zeebrugge. Ever

March 27, 2014
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Monday, October 7, 2013
Borgøy lng powered tug Buksér og Berging sanmar
Engineering News

Sanmar Shipyard Completes M/T Borgøy, World’s First LNG-Powered Tugboat [HD PHOTOS]

I was on the outskirts of Istanbul this past weekend at the epicenter of Turkey’s bustling shipbuilding industry where the naming ceremony of the

October 7, 2013
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