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Prosafe Signs Contract for New Accommodation Rig at Jurong, More on the Way Potentially

Rob Almeida
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October 4, 2012

Image: Prosafe

Prosafe announced today they have signed a Letter of Intent for the construction of a semi-submersible accommodation rig at Jurong Shipyard Pte Ltd (JSPL) in Singapore.

The rig, which is of similar design as Safe Boreas, a GVA 3000E design, presently in construction at JSPL, will be built to comply with Norwegian regulations. The rig will be ready for operations in the North Sea in 2015.

In addition, Jurong has, subject to board approval, granted two options for further new builds for a total of three new build options for Prosafe.

Rig Particulars:

DIMENSIONS: Length (overall) 103.90m(Approx) Pontoon Length    94.50m
Breadth (overall) 88.70m(Approx) Pontoon Breadth  15m
DRAUGHT: Transit 8.66m Operation 18.60m Survival 15.10m
DISPLACEMENT: Transit 23,800t Operating 30,940t Survival 28,600t
ACCOMMODATION: 450 beds (all single cabins)
GANGWAY: Telescopic hydraulic 38.5 m ± 7.5 m
DECK CRANES: Starboard crane diesel driven, port crane electrical driven
Main Hoist:  50t at 16m radius
Whip Hoist:  15t at 56 radius
HELIDECK: Rated for Sikorsky S61N and S92.  Fitted with integrated firefighting system with pop-up nozzles. Helideck diameter 1.25 x D.
LIFESAVING: 8 x 70 men free fall lifeboats designed and built to the latest PSA requirements.
POWER: 6 x 5.6 MW main engines
PROPULSION 6 x 4.4 MW azimuth thrusters.
MOORING: 12 point mooring system. 90 mm wire, breaking load 6490 kN.
STORAGE CAPACITY: 2,600 m3 fuel oil
OPEN DECK AREA:  Approximately 2,100 m2
VARIABLE DECK 1,875 tonnes in operating and survival
LOAD: 2000 tonnes in transit condition
DESIGN LIFE: 30 years fatigue design life main structure
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