safe boreas GVA 3000E

Prosafe Adds Another $295 Million to Their Tab at Jurong

Rob Almeida
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November 18, 2012
safe boreas GVA 3000E
Image (c) Prosafe
Prosafe finalized a US$295.2 million contract today with Jurong Shipyard to build the second unit of a new generation harsh-environment accommodation semi-submersible destined for the Norwegian continental shelf.  This follows the Letter of Intent announced by Sembcorp Marine and Prosafe earlier in October of this year.

Scheduled for delivery no later than end of December 2014, this accommodation semi-submersible will be built based on the GVA 3000E design, a similar design as the first unit, the Safe Boreas, presently under construction in Jurong Shipyard.   This is Prosafe’s second accommodation semi with Jurong following the first order contracted in December 2011.

Along with the latest contract, Jurong has granted two additional options to Prosafe for further newbuilds. Including the option previously granted last year, Prosafe will now have a total of three options for accommodation semi newbuilds at the Singapore-based shipyard.  The accommodation semis for the two additional options can be designed for either the Norwegian Continental Shelf or for world-wide operations outside of Norway.

Mr Karl Ronny Klungtvedt, Chief Executive Officer of Prosafe, said: “We are pleased to continue our partnership with Jurong Shipyard with this second harsh-environment accommodation semi-submersible unit as part of our offshore fleet expansion in the high-end accommodation market segment. I am confident that both the Prosafe and Jurong Shipyard project teams will leverage on the close cooperation and strong teamwork to achieve the timely construction of these accommodation semi-submersibles while meeting the stringent standards of quality, safety and reliability.”

The design

Featuring the latest technology, the GVA 3000E design accommodation semi is capable of operating gangway connected in deep water and in harsh environments alongside fixed platforms, floating platform and floating production and offloading vessels, with a full complement of deck cranes and fire-fighting capabilities.

The 450-person capacity Dynamic Positioning 3 (DP3) unit with 12 point mooring will be built in compliance with stringent Norwegian Offshore health and safety standards and is suitable for harsh environment operations in the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

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