DNV plans 150 year anniversary celebration with historical collaboration with NTNU

Mike Schuler
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January 20, 2011

Oslo: Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) rector Torbjørn Digernes and the CEO of DNV (Det Norske Veritas) Henrik O. Madsen met yesterday to kick off an exciting research and history book project related to DNV’s 150th anniversary in 2014. DNV is contributing NOK 7 million to the project, which will among other things finance several doctoral scholarships.

The aim of the project is primarily to document Norway’s exciting technological and industrial history, as well as to use historical research as a basis for creating greater strategic understanding and thus lay the foundation for DNV’s future development.

“To us, it is an exciting move to study the past in order to obtain a better picture of our own present and future. In other words, history becomes a tool to shed light on the wide range of opportunities in DNV,” says DNV CEO Henrik O. Madsen. “We also hope the project will appeal to environments outside DNV, because in the end we’re talking about a better description of the history of not only DNV over the past 150 years, but also of the Norwegian maritime and oil industries,” says Mr Madsen.

Strategic collaboration
The collaboration is a continuation of the Anchor and Balance history book written by HÃ¥kon With Andersen and John Peter Collett for DNV’s 125th anniversary in 1989. Today, they are professors at NTNU and the University of Oslo respectively and will play a key role in the collaboration with NTNU. “NTNU’s recognised research and higher education environment made them natural partners,” says Mr Madsen.

Two doctoral scholarships are also linked to the work. DNV will finance one of the scholarships, while the other will be financed by NTNU. The research and history book project is covered by the framework agreement entered into between NTNU and DNV in 2008. This has a financial framework of NOK 50-60 million and is the biggest agreement with a university that DNV has ever entered into.

Research in DNV
Research and innovation are in focus in DNV, which annually invests around six per cent of its external revenue in research, development and innovation. This year, DNV is spending NOK 100 million on financing strategic, future-oriented projects through its research department.

The research department has around 70 employees (Høvik, Athens and Ohio) and its objective is to develop expertise and services in DNV, identify future technology trends and ensure that DNV is positioned and marketed as a recognised technology leader.

[Photo: DNV CEO, Henrik O. Madsen © DNV/Nina Eirin Rangøy]


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