Video: Packed Tour Boat Slams Into River Thames Pier in Downtown London

Mike Schuler
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September 11, 2016

Credit: Dane Hines/Twitter

An out of control tour boat filled with passengers slammed into a pier on the River Thames Sunday afternoon after fire broke out in the engine room of the vessel.

A video of the incident posted to social media shows the ship plow into the embankment as smoked poured from the stern.

The incident occurred near London’s Canary Wharf, a popular tourist spot and business district near downtown London. 

The London Fire Brigade confirmed that there were 142 passengers and six crew on the vessel who were evacuated to the waterfront and by other boats. There are no reports of injuries, the Brigade said.

The fire in the engine room was extinguished before firefighters arrived. Crews checked the boat for safety and ensured that the fire was out.

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