35,000 Head to Oslo for Nor-Shipping 2013

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June 3, 2013

imgadSome 35,000 maritime professionals from all over the world are expected to descend on Oslo, Norway this week for the Nor-Shipping 2013 conference.

“This week Oslo will be the maritime capital of the world,” said Sturla Henriksen, Director General of the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, as he expressed his gratitude to his host, Oslo Mayor Fabian Stang, and noted that about 35,000 people are expected to visit Nor-Shipping this week.

Norway has been a leading maritime nation since the Viking times and “today we are probably stronger than ever,” Henriksen said.

Nor-Shipping has been attracting the cream of the international maritime industry to Oslo every other year for nearly 50 years. However, to ensure Norway remains a maritime major also in the future, it must recruit new talent.

That need gave birth to the Ocean Talent Camp at the Oslo City Hall Square, which aims at recruiting talent to the “Ocean Industries” – which includes shipping, offshore and aquaculture. “We need to engage and recruit the best heads,” said Hege Solbakken, General Manager of Maritime Forum. Almost 11,000 students are expected to visit Ocean Talent Camp during Nor-Shipping week. “Norway’s future is in the hands of these young people,” said Nor-Shipping Director Vidar Pederstad. “We need to see Ocean Industry Talents prepare to become Ocean Industry Experts.”

Oslo is one of five leading maritime cities and the world’s leading maritime finance center, according to a report by Menon Business Economics. Some of the young people visiting Ocean Talent Camp may help Oslo maintain this position.

“The reason Ocean Talent Camp is important is that some of these people might have a dream about the ocean as part of their future,” said Trygve Svensson, State Secretary at the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry.

The conference runs from June 4 – 7. A full list of events can be found HERE.

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