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McDermott to Install Ayatsil-A Platform for PEMEX

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January 5, 2015

Ayatsil-A jacket loaded onboard the Intermac 600 transportation and launch barge, ready for installation. (Photo: Business Wire)

Utilizing the Intermac 600 launch barge and Derrick Barge 50, offshore construction firm McDermott will install the Ayatsil-A drilling platform for PEMEX Exploracion y Produccion (PEMEX) in the Bay of Campeche.   McDermott notes they won the contract today to install the offshore jacket, deck and piles for the Ayatsil field.

Derrick Barge 50, image: McDermott
Derrick Barge 50 file image: McDermott

In a water depth of around 400 feet, the Intermac 600 will launch the 8,400-ton steel structure and the heavy-lift Derrick Barge 50 (DB50) will complete the installation.  The DB50 will also be utilized to install the 3,400-ton deck and other platform components. The total weight of the facility is approximately 15,800 tons according to McDermott.

The Ayatsil field is the largest discovery for PEMEX to date and is expected to boost production for the country by 150,000 barrels of oil per day.


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