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Marin Teknikk Signs Order for High Spec DSCV

Rob Almeida
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December 11, 2014


Marin Teknikk AS acknowledged today a contract with Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries (ZPMC), for design & engineering delivery for a large Multipurpose Diving Support & Construction Vessel for Singapore-based subsea contractor, Ultra Deep Solutions (UDS).

UDS previously announced the contract back in August.


The vessel will be of the “Red Class” MT6027 DSCV design, with an 18 person twin bell saturation system, for operations down to 300 meters.

The vessel will have a length of 142.9 meters and a breadth of 27 meters, accommodation for 140 persons, two cranes, a 400 T offshore crane with depth capability to 5200 meters single fall, and 3200m dual fall, and one 40 T offshore crane for operation down to 300m. In addition, arrangement for 2 WROV’s (unmanned remote operated submarines/robots) for operations down to 3000 meters ocean depth.

marin teknikk mt6027

Delivery is planned for 1st quarter 2017.

The vessel will be built according to Det Norske Veritas class with the new SPS code; DNVGL + 1A1, EO, SPS, DSV-SAT, Diving System-SAT, NAUT-OSV(A), CLEAN DESIGN, DYNPOS AUTRO, COMF-C(3) V(3), ICE C, CRANE, HELDK-SH, DK(+), BIS, Winterized Basic.

“We are very pleased to sign this contract”, states Sales Director of Marin Teknikk Richard Gjerde. “We feel comfortable with the experience and knowledge in UDS, and have been working close with UDS the last year to develop one of the largest and advanced DP3 diving vessels in the offshore industry. This contract shows again MT’s strong position in the OSV market and that we are among the world’s leading designers of advanced diving & construction vessels”.

“With only 30 similarly-size but older vessels in this class worldwide, and the requirement in the industry for safe yet fast-response vessels, UDS is poised to deliver such high standards of quality to the deep and ultra-deep water projects. The “Red Class 6027” combines the practicality, safety, reliability, efficiency and impressive subsea technology. We are confident that it will exceed the expectations of oil majors and offshore operators,” says Sheldon Hutton, Chief Executive Officer of UDS.

The contract includes an option for one vessel of the same type.


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