3D Laser By Azule

Need to Create an Entire 3-D Rendering of an Engine Room by Noon?

John Konrad
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April 2, 2012

3D Laser By Azule

It’ll take about 5 hours,  but it IS possible according to the folks at Harris Pye.

Harris Pye reports that it has successfully used a 3D scanner to survey the engine room of Neva River (ex Celestine River), a ‘K’ Line-owned LNG carrier, for pre-ballast water system CAD design, selection and installation.

The project involved a full 3D scan of the engine room in order to ascertain the best system for a ballast water treatment installation. The scan enables Harris Pye engineers to create three-dimensional images of the entire engine room, and create various ballast water treatment models.

The entire engine room survey reportedly took less than 5 hours and works by using lasers to gather data which is then processed by naval architects through AutoCAD in order to create multiple walkthrough 3D models from the scans.

“By being able to create walkthrough 3D models, we can save them an enormous amount of time and money, because the modelling allows us to test different options with absolute accuracy,” said Harris Pye’s new products technical manager, Ben Wise.

“It negates all the usual time-consuming survey and design work. And when the best solution has been selected, we know with absolute certainty that the equipment will fit perfectly, down to the last bolt. This is of prime importance aboard vessels where space is at a premium.”

“Ultimately this allows us to do a complete ‘virtual test’ – to assess the system prior to workshop or site fabrication – which negates the risk of fabrication errors and the ensuing high costs for our clients.”

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