Admiral Mark "Buzz" Buzby interview

Klaus Luhta Podcast: Interview With U.S. Maritime Administrator Admiral Mark “Buzz” Buzby – Part 2

Klaus Luhta
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February 1, 2018

Klaus Luhta sits down with U.S. Maritime Administrator Admiral Mark “Buzz” Buzby.


In this segment of the podcast Admiral Buzby shares his vision for the U.S. maritime industry. In case you missed it, you can view Part 1 of Klaus Luhta’s interview with the Admiral HERE

The theme of leadership comes up again as the American maritime industry confronts a dramatically future. “We need to make it an industry people want to participate in,” says Buzby. “We also need to embrace the new technology out there.”

Autonomous vessels are clearly on the agenda of the Maritime Administration and the Maritime Administrator is aware of the potential impact on the industry and mariners. MARAD even recently held a half-day conference on vessel automation to get ahead of the issue.

When it comes to positive change, Admiral Buzby looks to cargo as a way to ensure the future growth of the industry. Cargo is king when it comes to shipping and more cargo means more growth.

The current Maritime Administration faces a number of challenges and a future certain to bring change. Having Admiral Buzby at the helm assures many in the industry that it can not only endure the change but experience growth throughout. 

Listen to Part 2 below:

Klaus Luhta is a licensed USCG deep sea Master, an attorney, and advocate for seafarers around the globe. Views expressed are his own. 
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