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gCaptain Now Available On The Kindle

John Konrad
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May 12, 2011

Amazon Kindle Blog ThumbnailIn writing my book, Fire On The Horizon, I was surprised to find that, despite being roughly the same price, many gCaptain readers preferred the kindle edition
to the hardcover. Personally I am a big fan of my Kindle 3G International Edition which lets me download books and newspapers from around the world, but I had never read a blog on the device.

It turns out the Kindle is capable of delivering blog content via Amazon’s “whispernet” international 3g signal, the same way it delivers books and newspapers… no-hassle wirelessly! There is just one catch, the cost of subscribing to a blog is $2 per month. Hopefully you’ll consider this a small price to pay for getting the latest maritime news and headlines streamed to your kindle from around the world but, if you’re skeptical, the subscription comes with a 15 day free trial.

Click the following link to get started –> gCaptain Kindle Edition

(Also, if you’re a fan of gCaptain, please do us a favor and Click HERE to write a short review on our Amazon page. Many thanks! -John)

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