Kenya Blows Up Ship Caught Smuggling Heroin – PHOTOS

Mike Schuler
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August 29, 2014

Photo courtesy State House Kenya/Twitter

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday proudly gave an order to Kenyan Defence Forces to destroy the ship and drugs at the center of a record heroin bust in July.

The MV Bushehr Amin Darya was seized July 15 at the port of Mombasa after authorities were tipped off that the vessel may have been carrying drugs. Authorities eventually found a reported 341 kg of heroin stashed in the diesel tank of the vessel. The seizure was hailed as the biggest single seizure of drugs ever at the port.

A total of nine suspects were arrested as result of the bust, including six Pakistanis, two Indians and an Iranian, Reuters reported in July. One man died onboard the vessel shortly after its arrival in Mombasa, the report added.

President Kenyatta was on-hand to view the destruction of the ship from the air. The drugs were also destroyed with the ship.

Kenyatta hopes that the public destruction of the ship will send a message to those looking to smuggle drugs into Kenya.

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