Interesting Experiment From BBC – “The Box”

Mike Schuler
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September 9, 2008

Yesterday, BBC News kicked off an exciting and unique experiment in hopes to tell the story of international trade and globalisation.  In the year long experiment called “The Box”, BBC will track a standard 40 foot shipping container around the world.  A GPS transmitter will be bolted to the container and so you can track its progress.  BBC News reports:

It is a project which plans to deliver content for television, radio and online audiences – telling the individual stories behind what makes the global economy tick.

The Box will hopefully reach the US, Asia, the Middle East , Europe and Africa and when it does BBC correspondents will be there to report on who’s producing goods and who’s consuming them.

From the start of the voyage in Southampton this journey will be a real one and whilst we are controlling some aspects of the process for logistical reasons the story it tells will be a truly representative one painting a picture of what globalisation really means.

The experiment is named after the book by Marc Levinson titled “The Box“, which is a great story of how the shipping container changed the face of world trade.


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