WATCH: Join Top Gear’s Richard Hammond For A Look Inside The World’s Largest Floating Bomb (a.k.a. an LNG Super Supercarrier)

What happens when you give Top Gear's former superstar pyromaniacal host Richard Hammond the latest cryogenic tools, a ridiculous looking orange lifejacket and access to an LNG Super Carrier!? Watch the above video to find out! P.S. Did you know these high-tech vessels rely on an ancient technology for power - steam? Richard demonstrates its … [Read more...]

The BBC “Box” Making Its Way Across the US

BBC's "The Box", the year long experiment that explores globalization and world trade, has made its way into the States via the Port of Los Angeles.  According to the BBC website, the box arrived in Los Angeles on Wednesday full of consumer goods including tape measures and fashion accessories.  The Box is continuing its journey on rail to New Jersey via Chicago. The Box's … [Read more...]

BBC World Service Documentary: Pirates

The BBC World Service has recently released an audio documentary that takes a look at Piracy around the world. You can download the program HERE Robbery on the high seas is not just confined to 18th century literature or Hollywood films, it is still very much alive today. In the second part of his series on pirates, Nick Rankin travels to Mombasa on Kenya's east coast to … [Read more...]

Interesting Experiment From BBC – “The Box”

Yesterday, BBC News kicked off an exciting and unique experiment in hopes to tell the story of international trade and globalisation.  In the year long experiment called "The Box", BBC will track a standard 40 foot shipping container around the world.  A GPS transmitter will be bolted to the container and so you can track its progress.  BBC News reports: It is a project which … [Read more...]

The Ship Whispers, Nautical Psychologists

John Clandillon-Baker of pilotmag has been featured along with his fellow London pilot (retired) Geoff Taylor in an article written by Libby Purves of The Times. This quote seemed to ring particularly true; The human aspect of the job fascinated me. “I know what I'm getting into, from the first rung of the ladder and the angle of the captain's head,” says Geoff. … [Read more...]