Incident Photo of The Week РM106 Gr̦mitz

Mike Schuler
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September 9, 2008

This weeks Incident Photo is of German Navy mine hunter M106 Grömitz from back in February, 2007.  Cargo Law tells us;

German Navy  Type 332 Frankenthal class mine hunter M106 Grömitz  (built 1994) based in Kiel — will remain for some time on the rocks where it grounded in the night of Feb 21 off the harbor Floræ on way to Bergen. While hull remained so far undamaged in the grounding, the bunker fuel will have to be taken off before salvage. This probably will have to be undertaken by a sheerleg as a tug could cause hull damage when towing the ship off the rocks where Grömitz  is stuck fast with its bow pointing to the sky. Cause of the grounding was said to be a navigational error, but the small island could possible not be detected by radar in snowy conditions. Ship was underway with other NATO-units within a mine hunting exercise. She was expected in Bremerhaven the forthcoming weekend but this is very unsure now.

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